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The development of the proprietary technology behind CarbX egg was assisted by a grant from the Invention Development Division (IDD) of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Philippines.

CarbX Egg is a novel type of poultry egg developed by a non-genetic method. When taken with carbohydrate-based meal, it has the potential to help control post-meal blood sugar level that in turn may help prevent diabetes, obesity or overweight by virtue of its amylase inhibitory activity.

Fig. 1 – CarbX egg activity: The amylase inhibitory activity of CarbX egg is demonstrable in the lab. The logarithmic trendline (red curve) shows a decreasing percentage of amylase inhibitory activity of CarbX egg extract when plotted against its serial two-fold dilution in the presence of a constant concentration of amylase enzyme.

The overall data in Fig. 1 above lead us to the following observations:

1) The molecule targeted for inhibition by the CarbX egg extract was confirmed to be the amylase enzyme.

2) The inter-molecular interaction between CarbX egg extract and amylase resulting in the latter’s inactivation was a specific reaction rather than random or non-specific. It is therefore reproducible, amenable to quality control and indicates predictable and reliable reaction outcome.

3) CarbX egg mimics the action of some natural food stuffs such as ampalaya (bitter gourd), cinnanmon, green tea or banaba leaf, all of which have been shown to exhibit amylase and/or glycosidase inhibitory activities (see this page for more information on natural foodstuffs with amylase inhibitory activity).

The lab bioassay on CarbX egg was conducted at a natural products research laboratory of a university in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

CarbX egg is produced using methods that DO NOT ALTER the genetic make-up of layer hens or their eggs. The production method is remotely similar to those of other value added eggs that contain vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. They are similar in the sense that the poultry layers and not the eggs receive a special proprietary regimen in order to produce the value added eggs.

Product quality is our priority

FAQs on CarbX egg, diabetes and obesity


Three ways to prepare CarbX egg to retain its natural taste and health-giving benefits

1 . Sunny side up: Runny yolk retains the intrinsic flavor and salubrious benefits of CarbX egg. A sunny side up egg can go perfectly well with various delectable recipes.

2. Poached: Poaching the CarbX egg keeps the yolk runny and supplementation with greens provides one with a highly nutritious meal.

Fried rice with soft-boiled egg, zucchini and celery.

3. Soft-boiled: The egg white may or may not be gelled but keep the yolk runny when soft-boiling CarbX egg. A soft boiled CarbX egg easily blends with many food ideas.


CarbX egg in customized box

Why egg is good for you

A retrospective study involving about half a million participants showed that those who ate egg up to one a day had a 26% lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke, 28% lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke death and an 18% lower risk of cardiovascular disease death. There was also a 12% reduction in the risk of ischaemic heart disease, or coronary heart disease, in those consuming an estimated 5.32 eggs a week compared to those eating around two a week.

Source: Qin C, Lv J, Guo Y, Bian Z, Si J, Yang L et al. 2018. Heart. 104(21):1756-1763.


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