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Recent clinical investigations have provided compelling evidence that reduction in dietary carbohydrate underlies effective management of overweight condition, and treatment or prevention of overweight and obesity.

In a 2014 analysis of 23 clinical studies conducted from 2003 to 2012 comparing low-carb vs. low-fat diet, 21 out of these 23 studies reported significant weight loss among low-carb groups relative to low-fat diet groups (1) indicating in no uncertain terms that a low-carb diet rather than low-fat diet is the key to prevention or control of weight gain and obesity.

Additionally, a 2014 study in the U.S. demonstrated that increased palmitoleic acid correlate more with increased dietary carbohydrate and not fat intake (2). Palmitoleic acid is a major product of de novo lipogenesis, a process that increases several-fold when carbohydrate is fed at a level above energy needs. This means excess carbs above energy needs are mainly responsible for weight gain and obesity. These data basically run counter to the hitherto held general perception among the consuming public that excess dietary fat is the main determinant of body weight gain and therefore must be removed from or reduced in the diet. This glaring misconception remains prevalent until today with the popularity among obese/overweight people of drugs that seek to cut down triglycerides from the diet.

From these scientific studies, it becomes clear to us that IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT, IT IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT TO AVOID CARB-HEAVY MEALS COMPARED TO FAT-HEAVY MEALS. (Note: It does not mean fatty meals should no longer be avoided since they may include saturated or trans fat which are responsible for elevated high-density lipoproteins or blood cholesterol.) Therefore, cutting down on carbohydrates does not only prevent type 2 diabetes but also concomitantly, co-operationally and naturally protects the body from becoming overweight or obese.

CarbX Egg works to limit sugar absorption from complex dietary carbohydrates. This approach offers a novel way to cut down on carbohydrates and to achieve effective weight control by reducing absorption of glucose from complex dietary carbohydrates via amylase inhibition action. Densely-packed with essential nutrients, CarbX Egg provides both nutritional plus nutraceutical benefits at affordable cost with a level of safety unparalleled by synthetic weight loss drugs.


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