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With the Taal volcano eruption early in January 2020 that locked down surrounding areas including the CarbX egg production farm, followed by the coronavirus pandemic that called for an enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila in March 2020, the production and delivery of CarbX egg has been temporarily put on hold. Delivery of CarbX egg will be announced when circumstances permit. Our apologies to those who may have been inconvenienced with this development.

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When ordering, please specify: Customer name, telephone number (mobile + landline or mobile only), email address, complete postal address and number of boxes (30 eggs per box) required.

Minimum order quantity and mode of delivery: One (1) box of 30-eggs per box; the customer picks up the box at any desired courier office location, or we deliver door-to-door depending on accessibility.

Bulk order quantity and mode of delivery: minimum of 40 boxes (30 eggs per box); door-to-door delivery for Metro Manila customers only.

Mode of payment: Cash on pick-up (COP) at courier office, or, cash on delivery (COD) for door-to-door delivery.

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