FAQs on CarbX egg, diabetes and obesity

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WHAT IS CarbX Egg AND HOW IS IT PRODUCED? CarbX Egg is the same as ordinary egg except that it can inhibit the amylase enzyme (also referred to as α-amylase or amylase). It is therefore a potential tool for WEIGHT-LOSS, OBESITY-PREVENTIVE and DIABETES-PREVENTIVE applications. It is produced using methods that DO NOT ALTER the genetic make-up of layer hens or their eggs. The production method is remotely similar to those of other value added eggs that contain vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. They are similar in the sense that the poultry layers and not the eggs receive a special proprietary regimen in order to produce the value added eggs. Feeds being administered to layers do not contain antibiotic, hormone, synthetic chemical, insecticide, or herbicide residues.

WHAT IS AMYLASE? This is an enzyme in the gut that helps break down complex carbohydrate materials in food into GLUCOSE which is AN ABSORBABLE FORM OF SUGAR.

WHAT IS GLUCOSE AND WHAT DOES IT DO TO THE BODY? Glucose, or commonly called sugar, is the main energy source of the body that is needed by all our cells and organs such as muscles and brain. Carbohydrates such as cereals (rice and corn), bread and pasta are common sources of glucose. These foods are broken down into sugars (one of which is glucose) in our gut and then absorbed into the bloodstream.

WHAT IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF INHIBITING AMYLASE IN THE GUT? By inhibiting amylase, the body may absorb less sugar. LESS SUGAR ABSORPTION MEANS REDUCTION IN BLOOD SUGAR (GLUCOSE) LEVEL. When excessive sugar in the body is avoided, there is less conversion of sugar into fat and less deposition of such fat into fatty tissues.

WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF LOWER AFTER-MEAL BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL? It prevents the overloading of the pancreas’ insulin secretory function. Frequently overloading the bloodstream with glucose may result in insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

HOW DOES CarbX Egg WORK? It works by REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF AMYLASE THAT WILL CONVERT COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES INTO SIMPLE ABSORBABLE SUGARS. This has the expected result of lowering post-meal blood sugar level after a carbohydrate-based meal. The conversion of complex starch into simple sugars through the action of amylase can be easily demonstrated in the lab. By using this conversion process as negative control, our group has documented in the lab the inhibitory effect of CarbX egg on this carb complex-to-simple sugar conversion process in a study assisted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Philippines.

a. PREVENT OVERWEIGHT and OBESITY (Body Mass Index or BMI >25)

HOW DO I BENEFIT FROM CarbX Egg? To avail of the unique benefits from this egg, it is important when taking a carbohydrate-based meal to take the egg together with the meal. It is also essential during egg preparation to keep the yolk in runny or fluid condition (not gelled or hardened) by preparing it as either SUNNY-SIDE UP, SOFT-BOILED OR POACHED.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF USING CarbX Egg TO SUPPRESS POST-MEAL SURGE IN BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL? While table egg per se has been found to cause weight loss (1), the reduction in body weight is expected to be enhanced when it has amylase inhibitory activity. As a natural molecule, the amylase inhibitor in CarbX Egg is not expected to induce systemic (or extra-intestinal) side effects. Poultry eggs are in general extremely safe except for those who are allergic to them. Also, eggs are generally cheaper than commercial food supplements.

IS EGG SAFE AS A REGULAR PART OF DIET FOR PEOPLE WITH OR WITHOUT DIABETES, OBESITY OR HEART DISEASE? A recent report by the Egg Nutrition Council of Australia stated that the consumption of eggs daily is not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease (2) while a 2016 study concluded that eating one egg a day reduces risk of stroke by 12% (3). A 2014 study observed that daily egg consumption has no detrimental effect among patients with type 2 diabetes (4) while a 2015 study conducted in Finland concluded that regular egg intake may even help prevent type 2 diabetes (5). See: Why regular egg intake is beneficial to health.

ARE THERE OTHER NATURAL FOODSDTUFFS WITH AMYLASE INHIBITORY ACTIVITY? A big YES. Examples are banaba tea, green tea, cinnamon and ampalaya or bitter gourd. They are safe for regular consumption. In fact, ampalaya and banaba tea are now available commercially as health supplements. Green tea is being taken several times a day without sugar in several Asian countries as a matter of tradition.

WHAT IS OBESITY? Being obese means having so much body fat that your health is in danger. Having too much body fat can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, and stroke. Because of these risks, it is important to lose weight even if you don’t feel bad now (6).

WHAT IS TYPE 2 DIABETES? Type 2 diabetes is characterized by impairment in insulin secretion or action, which can lead to high blood sugar. High blood sugar can wreak havoc in the body’s circulation and immune system leading to infections, blindness, kidney failure, leg amputation, heart attacks and strokes (7).

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